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it is red because it is made for different types of court

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Q: Why do some Penn tennis balls have red lettering instead of black lettering?
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What are Wilson tennis balls made of?

Like all other tennis balls they are made of a layer of rubber surrounding a hollow centre (core). A thin layer of adhesive covers the rubber and then a layer of felt-like material made up of wool and artificial fibers called the nap. The lettering on the surface is just black ink.

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What color are tennis balls?

there are 10 red ,a blue,a black,a red,a pink,a green,a yellow and a brown.

White buoy with orange markings and black lettering What type of buoy?

White buoy's with orange markings and black lettering are a regulatory marker for boaters.

Black or white is used for lettering to provide contrast with the basic warning colors black lettering shall be used on what color backgrounds?

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Are there differences between golf balls?

Tennis balls are geared for different court surfaces. There are tennis balls specifically designed for clay, hard court, and grass court surfaces. Check on the outside of the tennis ball can for the type of court surfaces you should use them on. For example, some tennis balls are specificially made for clay court surfaces. Some tennis balls work on hard court surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Check out your local sports store for many different brands. You also want to make sure that the balls you are playing with are "flat". Tennis balls lose their air pressure after you play with them. You can keep them in a special pressurized tennis ball can, but these are not used very much anymore. Make sure to open a new can of tennis balls when you hit the tennis course for a match. In fact, this a rule in tennis tournaments and leagues. You can squeeze the tennis ball to determine if it is flat. If you can easily squeeze it then it is most likely flat. Or you can bounce the ball to tell. Old tennis balls should be thrown away if they have lost most of their fuzz as well.

What brand has black lettering on a yellow background?

Yale Locks

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