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it helps the heart and lungs move oxygen and energy to active muscles. Aerobic endurance also helps you recover from a day of Badminton playing and restore energy between sets.

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so your body doesnt get tired and u can keep up the fast pace

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Q: Why is endurance need for badminton?
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Different skills of badminton?

the four different tricks are mainly- 1. badminton clears 2. badminton drop shots 3. badminton drives 4. badminton smash

Is badminton considered as cardiorespiratory endurance?

Yes, badminton is considered a cardiorespiratory exercise because it involves continuous movement and engages the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to deliver oxygen to the muscles. Playing badminton can help improve your overall endurance and fitness levels over time.

Why is cardiovascular endurance important in badminton?

The better cardiovascular endurance you have the longer you can play for at your best, if you have a higher cardiovascular endurance than your opponent then you will be more likely to be succesful due to the fact your opponent will become more tired and make more frequent mistakes, thus you will have more oppertunities to be more successful in a game of badminton.

What are the fitness components in Table Tennis?

· Cardio respiratory endurance · Muscular endurance · Strength flexibility · Power · Speed · Agility · Reaction Time · Coordination · Balance

What to do for becoming an badminton player?

for becoming an badminton u need to practice

What fitness components are important in badminton?

· Cardio respiratory endurance · Muscular endurance · Strength flexibility · Power · Speed · Agility · Reaction Time · Coordination · Balance

How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

What are the materials needed for badminton?

For badminton, you need at least two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks (or birdies), a net or badminton string, and proper clothing and tennis shoes.

Why do you need flexibility in badminton?


How many point do you need to win a women singles match in badminton?

You need to have 21 points to win the women singles badminton match.

What aerobic endurance do you need for dancing?

you need aerobic endurance for cardio to be able to dance and have a more structured dance move

Why do you need coordination in badminton?

co-ordination is important in badminton so that youcan concentrate on where to hit the shuttle to