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Some surfaces absorb the impact of the ball, thus not "reflecting" the force upward.

If you try to bounce a ball on a matress it probably won't bounce much, because much of the impact is absorbed by the matress.

If you bounce a ball on the street. You will definetely see a much better response. This is because the ground is not very flexible and does not absorb impact, so most of the strength that is put into throwing the ball downwards is returned.

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Yes. Energy absorbed by the surface, is energy that is not available for the bounce.

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A softer ground, such as clay, will decrease the bounce of a tennis ball, a harder ground, such as concrete, will make the ball bounce higher.

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Yes , it does

You could even try it yourself for proof. Bounce something on grass then on pavement, you will see a difference in how the softer the lower.

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Q: Why differences surfaces affect how high a ball bounces?
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Does color affect how high a ball bounces?

Color alone does not directly affect how high a ball bounces. The material, elasticity, and inflation level of the ball are more significant factors in determining how high it will bounce.

Surfaces affect how balls bounce why?

This is because some surfaces are soft some hard. Like wood and plastic.add. And in Football (soccer) in particular, when the ball bounces off the cross-bar and then enters the net area, the ball is back-spinning from its first contact with the cross-bar, and the ball often then bounces out of the net again! This causes much angst.

Who would want to know does the surface affect the way the tennis ball bounces?

Tons of tennis would like to how the ball bounces on different types of court surfaces. Becuase of the surface a player will have to change his/her gameplain to fit the surface. So basically anyone playing tennis seriously.

Does the weight of a bouncy ball effect how high it bounces?

Yes, the weight of a bouncy ball can affect how high it bounces. A heavier bouncy ball will typically bounce lower than a lighter one due to differences in the energy transfer during impact with the surface.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher on harder surfaces?

A tennis ball bounces higher on harder surfaces because hard surfaces are less able to absorb the energy of the ball when it hits, resulting in more of the ball's energy being converted directly into upward motion. Softer surfaces absorb more of the energy, causing the ball to bounce lower.

What type of balls bounces the highest?

No ball bounces higher than others. There are different ball for different surfaces and it depends on what surface you are on (clay, hard, or grass). The ball will bounce higher on hard then it does on clay or grass. -tennis player

How does the temperature of a soccer ball affect how high the ball bounces?

The hotter the ball is the higher it bounces. This is because the air in the ball heats up and expands. This tightens the skin and gives the ball a higher elastic potential

Does the material or texture of a ball affect how high it bounces?

Yes, the material and texture of a ball can affect how high it bounces. A ball made of a more elastic material will typically bounce higher compared to a ball made of a less elastic material. Additionally, a smoother surface may lead to higher bounces compared to a rougher surface.

Does the amount of pressure enforced on a basketball affect how high the ball bounces?


Does global warming affect the way a ball bounces?

Global warming does not directly affect the way a ball bounces. However, changes in temperature and humidity levels can impact the elasticity of the ball's material, which may influence its bouncing properties over time.

Does the color of a bounce ball effect how high it bounces?

No, the color of a bounce ball does not affect how high it bounces. The height of the bounce is determined by the material and design of the ball, as well as the surface it bounces on. The color is purely cosmetic and has no impact on its bounce height.

Does the height of a ball affect how much it bounces?

Yes, the height from which a ball is dropped affects how high it bounces back. The higher the drop height, the higher the bounce due to the increased potential energy the ball gains from the greater height.