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The right gearing for a 12 tooth freewheel won't be found in any article written by a competent and knowledgeable bike person. That's because there are other factors (variables) that must be considered when selecting gears. The leg strength of the rider, the crank length and even the length of a rider's leg and how quickly he can spin the cranks will factor in. And the course will demand some additional considerations to insure the bike is set up to give the rider an optimum shot at edging the competition. On the surface, this might not seem helpful, and it really doesn't specifically provide a number you can use to go out and get a chain ring with that many teeth on it. But if you're shorter and can spin the cranks quickly, you'll be running a tooth or two less than a taller, "slower spinning" rider. And only experience at the track or a course will allow you to "feel" what works best for your abilities and riding style. As a parting thought, many races are won and lost in the gate. This means that if you're racing, you can't run a big ring because the guys with the smaller rings will leave you at the line and you'll spend the rest of the race trying to catch them. Perhaps you have enough to now think about the problem and navigate your way to a solution that fits you.

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Q: What is the right BMX gearing for a 12 tooth freewheel?
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On a bmx what tooth freewheel do you need if you have a 28 tooth spocket?

you would need a cassette. it would have to be 10 tooth

What is better a 9t bmx freewheel or a 14t bmx freewheel?

It's not really a question of better, more of different. What decides how fast the top speed of the bike is, and how nippy it is off the start is the ratio between the tooth count of the crankset, and the tooth count of the freewheel. With a smaller freewheel you can have a smaller crankset, a slightly lighter bike and get the same feel of the bike as with a bigger crankset and a bigger freewheel.

Can you put a 23 tooth sprocket on a mongoose bmx bike?

Not a sprocket only, but you can buy a 23-tooth freewheel that should fit.

Can a 9 tooth driver fit on any bmx bike hub?

No. a 9T sprocket will only fit a cassette hub, and not freewheel hubs.

What size freewheel do you need for a 24t sprocket?

Unless by freewheel you mean driver (in which case 8-9) I haven't ridden bmx in a few years but last time I checked the smallest freewheel you could buy was 12 tooth which would make for quite a low ratio

Can you get 10 tooth freewheel bmx?

possibly, if you have the kind of hub where its solid and you can put on a single piece freewheel than no. But if you have the kinde where you need the single piece freewheel and a bolt to hold it on that yes. what you do is spin the thing that holds it on off and screw your nine piece driver it.

What is a freewheel bmx?

There are two different hub designs for BMX, freewheels and freehubs. You need to know what you have if you want to replace the sprocket by the rear wheel.

How do you measure a tooth size on a bmx bike chainwheel?

Tooth size isn't particularly useful. BMX all use the same width chain, so not much point in measuring thickness. Measuring tooth height won't tell you much either. The only thing left is the most useful info as well - tooth count. Count the teeth and you'll know what to get for a direct replacement as well as knowing what to get if you want change the gearing

BMX Would a 28T sprocket work with a 14T freewheel?

Of course it will, but in my opinion freewheels arent the best

What is the smallest number of teeth you can get on a BMX freewheel?

If you have a flip-flop BMX hub, you can put a 14T on the smaller diameter side of the hub. If you have a cassette hub, you can get as small as 11T.

I need 9 tooth sprocket on my BMX bike for the back do I need a driver or can I just put a freewheel on and what do I need know about fitting it I know about the chain stuff already?

You can get a 9 tooth sprocket, you will need a conversion kit to do it. Haro makes a decent one just do a search for Haro 25/9

How do you remove the rear gear of mongoose rebel 20 bike?

I'm assuming you're asking about how to remove the freewheel, as the Mongoose Rebel 20 is a single-gear BMX. In that case you need the correct freewheel puller to get the freewheel off. Check out for more info.