How do you design a Frisbee golf course?

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2008-03-27 22:42:17

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you need to hire a Frisbee Golf course architect. I advice Nicklaus Yamich, hes the best in the business.

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2008-03-27 22:42:17
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Q: How do you design a Frisbee golf course?
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What materials are needed to play disc golf?

A Frisbee and the provided course

What is frisby golf?

golf frisbee is basically golf but with a frisbee. the point in the game is to throw your frisbee into a basket.

What is another sport like golf?

Frisbee Golf is like golf but, you know, played with a frisbee and a cage basket.

Ultimate Frisbee alternative sport?

Frisbee golf

Is there a new frisbee?

There is a new way to play frisbee its called frisbee golf.

What sports is golf played in?

Like golf, frisbee golf

What is the history of Frisbee golf discs?

Frisbee golf evolved from the flying disk that came into use around the 1900's. College students began playing Frisbee golf around 1960. Dave Dunipace invented the modern Frisbee golf disk in 1983.

What sport combines golf and frisbee?

Disc golf combines the throwing of a frisbee with the mechanics and rules of golf. The idea is to throw the frisbee at a series of target and those with the least amount of throws(or strokes in golf terms) wins.

What has the author Geoffrey S Cornish written?

Geoffrey S. Cornish has written: 'Golf course design' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Design and construction, Golf, Golf courses, History 'Golf Course' 'The architects of golf' -- subject(s): Architects, Biography, Design and construction, Golf courses, History

Sports starting with a letter f?

Football Frisbee Frisbee Golf (Or Frolf, if you will)

What sport is the frisbee throwing called?

Ultimate Frisbee is the 'football-esque' version of frisbee, but there is also disk golf.

Is frisbee a sport?

Indeed Frisbee is two sports. There is disc golf, played like regular golf except with cage type holes, and ultimate frisbee, a sort of soccer/ handball/ football mix.

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