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Bowling balls used by the pros vary by the company sponsors must know company's are Storm Hammer Roto grip and Ebonite. now the pros use a 16lbs ball because that's the highest wight you can get the from there its whats they feel like and whats the best but its usually the high performance model's like roto grips Cell or hammers the sauces.

Most major ball manufacturers sponsor a certain number of pro bowlers..(They are contracted to use these companies balls)..Also many independently sponsored or self sponsored bowlers may make some advertising revenue or get monetary support from the particular company whose ball the use. The manufacturer with the most varies from year to year depending on what ball/bowler is the hottest.

# > AMF

# > AZO

# > Brunswick

# > Lane 1 / Buzzsaw

# > Columbia 300

# > Ebonite

# > 900 Global

# > Hammer

# > Lane Master

# > MoRich

#> Motiv

# > RotoGrip

# > Storm

# > Track

# > VBP

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Titleist Pro V 1

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Q: What is the most used golf ball on the pro tour?
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When was the last time a professional golfer used the Titleist Tour Balata golf ball in a recognised tour event?

in 1995

What brand of golf ball was used when winning PGA events?

There are a few premium golf ball brands which have all had success when used by players who have went on to win Tour events. These include mainly Titleist, Taylormade, Nike, Srixon and Callaway, however the Titleist Pro V1 is by far the most popular ball on tour and is usually the number 1 ranked ball at all tour events. At the 2009 Masters all 3 players who were in the sudden death play off used the Titleist Pro V1.

How good are the top flite 2008 XL?

These would be classed as a budget golf ball. I suppose they are decent enough for beginners or simply practicing but they would never be used on Tour or by low amateurs. They are a two piece golf ball which is simply designed to be cheap, so you won't get the most from this ball.

Is it true that a drop of caster oil is at the heart of a golf ball?

There used to be a ball called the Titleist Tour Balata, it was a very soft golf ball, the core was a highly pressurized rubber ball with some oil in the center. This ball was last sold around 2000. The cores are now solid.

What golf shaft flex is most used on the champions tour?

To be honest, it wouldn't be much different from the PGA Tour, mainly X stiff and stiff.

How is a golf ball used in golf?

you hit it with a golf club on the ground or on a peg

Do you use golf nets to cover your golf clubs when not in use?

Golf nets are not used to cover your golf clubs when not in use. Golf nets are used to stop the golf ball after you hit it. It is like a background stop for the golf ball. There are golf nets for indoor and outdoor use.

What is a ball washer?

A ball washer is a device found near the tee of golf holes, used for cleaning the dirt off a golf ball.

Which is larger golf ball or ping pong ball?

There isn't a huge difference, but a Golf ball would be marginally bigger. Golf ball sized and ping pong size are mostly used to measure hail sizes. A golf ball is bigger but not by much. Inches. 1 1/2 Ping Pong Ball Size 1 3/4 Golf Ball Size

What is the compression of a Titleiest Pro V1 golf ball?

Compression of a golf ball has not been used for about 10 years, as a result it is no longer given as data for golf ball performance.

What is a golf club?

It is a device used to hit a golf ball in the game of golf or it is a member club in the grounds of which golf is played.

What kind of feathers were used in early golf balls?

There are no feathers in a golf ball.