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Q: What is the average distance a Jr girl can throw a shot put?
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What is the average shotput throw for an 11 year old girl?

The average shot put throw for an 11 year old girl is around 5-7 meters. However, this can vary depending on the level of training and natural ability of the individual.

What is an average shot-put throw for a high school girl?

I am above average but I am a sophomore going into junior year throwing 37 feet. But I think average is mid 20s. but if you are looking to get into this in college for a scholarship , you need to throw 42 ft. good luck

What is an average throwing distance in shot-put for a 16-year old boy I can throw 27.5' and it was my first time ever throwing am I average I don't work out much?

if you dont work out at all then thats an average throw. usually in The mid 30s is a good average range.

What is the average shot-put throw for bantam girl?

Well I'm 13 right now and My personal best was 9.64 m so on average you should be able to throw around 7-8 meters

What is average shot put distance for 14 years old girl?

distance"Mid twenties

What was Michael Jordan's free throw average?

Michael Jordan shot 84% from the free throw line throughout his career.

Is 30.6 feet good for 8th grade girl shot put throw?

Yes I think as long as u can throw beyond 20ft u r very good..:)

What component of skill related fitness would help a shot putter increase the distance of his or her throw?


Average shot put throw Jr high?

me personally I've thrown a 8lb shot put 25 feet.

What is considered to be a good shot put throw for a high school girl?

35 ft for high school

What do you throw at a track and field meet?

You could throw a javelin or a discus. There is also the hammer throw. You do not throw a shot put - you "put" the shot.

What is Jordan free throw average as a rookie?

He shot .845 in his rookie season on 630 of 746 free throws.