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Michael Jordan shot 84% from the free throw line throughout his career.

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Q: What was Michael Jordan's free throw average?
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What is Shaquille O'Neal free throw average?

as of 3/30/10, his career Free Throw percentage is 52.7%Shaq's free throw percentage is 53.7%

Did Michael Jordan step over the free line throw?

NO he didnt

What skills does Michael Jordan use?

He dunks the basketball from the free throw line

Who has dunked a basketball the farthest from the rim?

Michael Jordan from the free throw line.

What did Michael Jordan do that people remember him for?

he jumped from the free throw line for a slam dunk

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk from the free throw line in the pros?

Yes in the 1988 dunk contest he dunked it from the free throw line

How many people can dunk from the free throw line?

Dr. J Michael Jordan John Barry Serge Ibaka

Where can you get free air Jordans?

there aren't any places where you can buy free air jordans unless you work in a sneaker retailer for a discount or you have a hookup with a sneaker insider who can get you the sneaker of your choice.

What is Jordan free throw average as a rookie?

He shot .845 in his rookie season on 630 of 746 free throws.

What is the average team free throw shooting percentage?

It is at least from 40-70% from the line.

Who's record did Michael Williams break for consecutive free throw made?

calvin murphy had 78 straight in 1981

Did any NBA player have a 100 percent free throw average before?

steve nash did