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Q: What is lite flex in a golf club?
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What is the difference in a woman and man's golf club?

A man's golf club will be longer and unless its an iron there will be diffrent sharft flex.

What does x flex on a golf club mean?

X flex means extra stiff. It is a flex for players with a swing speed of 105 mph or more. Most professionals would use this flex.

How far does a golf club shaft of standard flex bend backwards when you hit with it?

O.5 inch

Where could someone go to read how golf club shafts work?

One could get a Golf for Dummies book or visit online information pages to learn how golf club shafts work. About has an article that talks specifically about the flex of shafts and its role in golf.

You are 74 years old and have a club head speed of 72 How do you determine what flex shaft you should use and what is the kick point you should be getting?

Go to a golf store such as Golf Galaxy and there will be custom club fitters that can assist you.

Why would someone prefer a flex shaft over a stiff shaft golf club what is the difference in swing?

Stiff shafts are for people with 65mph+ swings

What brand name has a women's light weight 5 wood golf club?

onlinegolf site sell a mizuno soft flex ladies 5 wood.

What are flex-lite eyeglass frames?

Frames that can bend and not break as easily

What is an m flex on a golf shaft?

The different Letters on a golf shaft are the flex of the club. In order from stiff to soft: X - EXtra Stiff S - Stiff R - Regular A or M - Senior (Amateur or Mature) L - Ladies. The letters may be combined to show in-between ratings, such as SR (Stiff/Regular).

What does RL flex mean on a golf shaft?

Different manufacturer's of golf clubs have different names for shafts of the same specs. RL is equivalent to; A flex, L Flex ( Light flex not Ladies) and the more commonly known seniors flex. These shafts are designed for a lower clubhead speed.

What is a golf bat known as?

A golf club.

Would a stiffer golf shaft hook or slice more - Exactly the same shaft except for flex?

A golf shaft which is too stiff will cause a slice. This is because the shaft is too stiff for you to square the club face at impact. You can get custom fit to see which flex is best for you, as a shaft which is not fitted correctly can affect your game.