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One could get a Golf for Dummies book or visit online information pages to learn how golf club shafts work. About has an article that talks specifically about the flex of shafts and its role in golf.

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2013-06-25 10:05:35
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Q: Where could someone go to read how golf club shafts work?
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Is boron in golf clubs?

Boron fibers can be used to make extremely strong golf club shafts

What type of metal makes up the shaft of a golf club?

Metal golf shafts are made of steel.

Why would someone prefer a flex shaft over a stiff shaft golf club what is the difference in swing?

Stiff shafts are for people with 65mph+ swings

What does an Aldila golf club shaft do?

Nothing it is a brand of shaft, the specs in all shafts differ

When were hickory golf shafts first used?

In 1826, a club-maker, Robert Forgan of Scotland, began to use hickory imported from America to manufacture shafts.

Where can you buy replacement golf club shafts steel ones for irons?

You wouldn't be able to buy them off the shelf, but you could go to a good club maker, your local golf shop or pro shop and they will be able to fit a new one. Or if you are capable of fitting it yourself you could go look on ebay.

What golf club has a longer shaft?

Drivers have the longest shafts of all clubs, with the exception of long-shafted putters.

Taylor made golf club are made where?

California. The shafts and club heads are manufactured in China and then are assembled in the U.S. Ping makes their club heads here. Titlelist makes their putters here. True Temper makes most of their shafts here in the US as does Penley.

What are the benefits of a golfer having good club shafts?

The benefits of a golfer who has a good club shaft are not much. The basic golf sport is 90% skills the other 10% comes from the club. If you play good golf your club doesn't affect your game so much.

What is the difference between a regular and stiff golf club?

Well, stiff shafts are usually heavier and are less flexible than regular shafts. Stiff shafts are for players with faster swing speeds, around 95-105 mph.

What is the difference between men and unisex golf club?

the mens clubs will be heavier, have less loft, stiffer shafts, the club will be longer and may have a higher kick point.

Who makes Adams golf shafts?

Adams has several companies that make shafts for them.

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