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The answer would be biking 8 miles. Both biking and jogging are cardio activities, which gets the heart pumping, increases blood flow, and ultimately burns the most calories. Your heart rate would most likely be the same whether jogging or biking, so in the end, 8 miles is better than 2 miles.

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Q: What is better jogging 2 miles or biking 8 miles?
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What might someone be doing that requires them to wear fluorescent orange?

1) Crossing Guard, 2) Road Construction, 3) Jogging/Biking, 4) Hunting

How long is the biking path along the Cape Cod Canal?

Roughly 7 1/2 miles.

Jimmy set a goal of jogging a total of 100 miles over the summer during the first 2 weeks of June he jogged 20 miles what fraction of 100 miles did he jog in 2 weeks?

1/5th or 20/100th

How many miles on a road bike is considered a good workout?

It's not about the miles, but rather about how hard and how long you're riding. Road biking is a lot about endurance, so between dedicated riders it has to be 2-3 hours or more to "count". If you're not that into biking a sort of general definition of a workout is about one hour at an elevated heart rate.

Is 2 miles to a destination close?

Depends, but usually yes. If you are in the middle of nowhere and a town is 2 miles away, that's pretty close. If you are walking in a big city and where u want to go is two miles, maybe a bit farther. Also depends on transportation (walking/driving/biking)

Is a ipod touch better than a mp5 player?

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Why do people have to run 26 miles for Triathlon?

26 miles is a marathon. Its 26 miles because it is named after a famous run a messager made in ancient Greece. He relayed a message to the city of Marathon, Greece which was 26 miles away. So a triathlon consists of 2 milea of swimming, biking and a marathon.

How many calories do you burn by jogging in place?

2 a minute

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How many miles do you need to jog a day to get fit?

To be healthy, you are supposed to excersise for 30 minutes a if you want to jog, 30 minutes a day would be a good time! :)

How much jogging to lose ten pounds?

Hi! As you might know, running isn't easy. But please don't give up as soon as you can't stand it anymore or you don't see automatic results. Results don't happen overnight! I personally just lost 3 pounds by running 2 miles a day on the treadmill! It is actually fun when you are watching!