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tee off

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Q: What is a golfers first shot called?
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A golfer's first shot is from where?

A golfers first shot on every hole and at the beginning of the round is at the tee box

What is a ball that curves to the right called in golf?

A shot that starts straight, or to the left and then works right is known as a fade. (For right handed golfers) --------------- For right handed golfers a Slice is a shot that curves to the right and a Hook is a shot that curves to the left.

What is the first shot on a par three hole?

The first shot on a par three, just like the first shot on any hole is called the tee shot. There is no special name for it.

If a personal foul is called and then a technical fouled is also called which foul shot is shot first?

technical is first

What is the first shot in a tennis rally called?

combariene shot

Why do you think the first shot fired at Lexington's was called 'the shot heard round the world?

because it was the first shot in the war

Why do you think the first shot fired at the lexington was called the shot heard round the world?

because it was the first shot in the war

Why was the first shot called the first shot around the world?

It marked the beginning of the American Revolution.

What is a golfers 2 wood?

It's called a brassie.

What is a golfers partner called?

Caddy (or caddie)

On a golfers first shot what club would they usually use?

The most likely club they would use would be the driver. But maybe a 3/5 wood, hybrid or long iron, depending how confident they are.

What rule governs teeing after lost ball?

Rules state that a lost ball costs you stroke and distance. In other words you add one to your score and go back to where you played the shot originally. If you hit a poor shot and think you may have lost your ball, most golfers will hit what is called a provisional. This means your provisional shot is in play if you can't find the first one you hit. This saves time and removes the necessity of returning to where you hit your shot originally. If you find your original shot you disregard the provisional ball. One addendum, on public courses in casual play, if no provisional ball was hit, most golfers will drop a ball near the spot they lost their ball, add a stroke and play on. Going back to the original spot and replaying your shot is time consuming and not really practical on a crowded golf course.