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Yes they have a snack bar and drink bottle but they don't show them eating on TV.

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Mainly water, but it can also be various kinds of sports drinks similar to gatorade.

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Q: What do cyclists drink while racing?
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When did National Cyclists' Union end?

The National Cyclists' Union (NCU) ended in 1959 when it merged with the rival British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) to form the British Cycling Federation.

Are there games in the Olympics for cyclists?

Oh, sure. There's track racing, road racing, and even a few MTB disciplines these days.

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Where do cyclists get their energy from?

People say that they get there energy from the glucose that is from the sports drink and health food they have been eating and drinking.

Which athlete needs to understand drag the most to do well in the sport?

Swimmers, cyclists, speed skaters, basically anything that involves racing. Getting from point A to B.

What are some cycling jargon?

bunch - a peleton, group of cyclists riding together break - one or more cyclists racing ahead of main group suck the wheal - drafting behind another cyclist droped - one or more cyslists that could not keep the temp of the leaders

When two cyclists begin traveling in the same direction on the same bike path One travels at 15 miles per hour and the other travels at 12 miles per hour when will the cyclists be 10 miles apart?

To find when the cyclists will be 10 miles apart, you can set up a distance equation. Since they are traveling in the same direction, the relative speed at which they are moving apart is 15 - 12 = 3 mph. So, the time it will take for them to be 10 miles apart is 10 miles / 3 mph = 3.33 hours.

What is the motto of European Cyclists' Federation?

European Cyclists' Federation's motto is 'The Voice of European Cyclists for Over 25 Years'.

What direction do cyclists race in a velodrome?

Cyclists in a velodrome race anticlockwise.

How does a Nascar driver urinate while racing?

Well they usually don't drink a lot before a race, but if they're racing and they really have to go, they just urinate in their car and get a new suit after the race. They cant afford to waste time by going at a pit stop.

Why racing bike bend inward while taking a turn?

why racing bike bends inward while talking a turn? answer