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why racing bike bends inward while talking a turn? answer

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Q: Why racing bike bend inward while taking a turn?
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Your knees bend inward when you stand?

No, they bend outward (flex) as you stand.

Does a prism a mirror or a convex lens bend inward or converges?

A convex lens bends inward. Hope this helps:)

What does a concave mirror bend?

It bends inward, if that's what your asking. Like this: )|

Which way does a concave lens bend light?

towards its center because concave lens bend inward. It bends it outwards. Convex lenses bend it inwards

Why does the cyclist bend inverse while taking a circular path?

to counter centrifugal force and to take turn faster

What is a sharp double bend forming an obstacle on a motor-racing track?

this is usually called the "S" bend on a race track

What causes my right ring finger to bend inward?

Arthritis, past injury (bone breakage), or double-jointedness.

What is the difference between the movements flexion and extension?

Flexion is the movement of your extremities bending inward Extension is when they bend outward

Why cyclists bend himself toward inner side curve path while taking turn with speed?

To mantain the speed and his body balance.

What is the name of a sharp double bend?

A "sharp double bend" can refer to a Chicane. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Chicane is "a sharp double bend created to form an obstacle on a motor-racing track or a road".

Why a cyclist bend himeself towards the inner side of the curved path while taking turn with high speed?

to provide necessay centripetal force

What causes light rays to bend inward and objects look bigger or an image is formed?

because of the lenses it is thicker in the middle thinner on edges

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