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For 2010 Masters April 8-11, US Open June 17-20, British Open July 15-18, PGA August 8-12.

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Q: What are the dates of the four major annual golf tournaments?
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Is it a year or an year?

The generic usage is "a year""There are four major tennis tournaments a year.

Who is tennis great named lew who won three of the four major tennis tournaments in 1956?

Lew Hoad

Which major golf championship is played in April?

Many golf tournaments are held in April, but the most famous tournament is the Masters, held in Augusta, Georgia. The four "major" golf tournaments are the Open, the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

How many male tennis players - before Rafael Nadal - have won each of the four major tennis tournaments?

Rod Laver

How many tournaments did Ben Hogan win?

He won 64 professional tournaments.

Where are major ICC cricket tournaments held?

The International Cricket Council, or ICC, overseas the game of cricket and makes money from the tournaments they set up. The largest of these tournaments is the Cricket World Cup, which is hosted by a different country every four years. England, India and Australia have all been hosts, and some have taken on the role more than once.

Name six major tennis tournaments?

There are four Grand Slam tournaments (French Open, Australian Open, US Open and Wimbledon). Others include Indian Wells, Key Biscayne, ATP Masters, Cincinnati, Madrid, Miami, Monte Carlo, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Toronto,

How many tournaments did Roger Federer win in 2011?

Four tournaments. Doha Basel Indoors Paris Masters ATP World Tour Finals

What team has been NCAA tournaments th most but never the Final Four?


What sport happens in flushing meadow?

Tennis, specifically the US Open, is a major sporting event that takes place in Flushing Meadows, New York. It is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments in professional tennis.

Who has participated in the most NCAA basketball tournaments without reaching the final four?

Texas A&M

Famous field hockey tournament?

The largest field hockey tournaments are the World Cup and Summer Olympics tournaments, both held every four years with a two-year gap between each. Other prestigious tournaments include the Commonwealth Games (every four years), the Champion's Trophy (top six each year) and the Sultan Azlan Shah Tournament (invitational).