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Four tournaments.


Basel Indoors

Paris Masters

ATP World Tour Finals

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Q: How many tournaments did Roger Federer win in 2011?
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How many times has federer beaten Murray?

Roger Federer has beaten Murray in tournaments eight times.

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Is Roger Federer in the final?

Roger Federer has been to many finals, but as of September 6th 2009, he has not yet made it to the US Open Finals.

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Who won many tennis titles?

Roger Federer

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How many grand slam tournaments has Federer won?

16 after the Australian open in 2010.

How many grandslams have Roger Federer Rafael nadaal have won?

Together they have won 22 grandslams Roger Federer: 16 Rafael Nadal: 6

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Is Roger Federer a millionare?

Yes many times over

How many titles did Roger Federer win?

61 titles

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