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Probably standard. Whatever that is. It used to mean a 43" driver,
but now it might mean a 44.5" one.

There are a number of methods to determine whether you should use overlength clubs. One is to measure the height of your fingertips. 27" would be standard, with the club length changed 1/4 to 1/2 the difference. E.g. if your fingertip height is 28", add 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Another is to use the height of the top of your hand (at the seam with the wrist),with 34" being standard, and the adjustment 1/4 of the difference from standard.

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A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

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Q: Should tall golfers use longer clubs?
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When was Tall Clubs International created?

Tall Clubs International was created in 1948.

Should a tall lady buy men's clubs?

Length isn't the only factor. Men's clubs are heavier and have less loft. A tall lady could consider lengthening ladies clubs also. If she has a fast swing speed then maybe mens clubs would be a better option.

Do they make clubs for especially tall men?

Yes, you can purchase clubs made for tall men.

At what age should you get adult golf clubs?

It depends how tall you are and how strong you are. Around 14-15 is ideal.

I am 5'9 how tall should my golf clubs be?

i would go with regulation if i were you. but it depends on what you like. regulation would be the best i think

Are custom golf clubs necessary for a woman over 6' tall?

Yes, if you are taking golf fairly seriously then you should have the right golf clubs and also to find out if you are right/left handed. Example: My husband is 6' 6" tall and although right-handed in everything he does he golfs much better left-handed. He has also bought golf clubs that suit his height.

What should a youth golf club length?

Depends how old and how tall they are. From about 13 most youths would play mens clubs, but smaller youths could get ladies or junior clubs which are shorter and lighter. There is the option of getting a set of mens clubs custom fitted, but then they may grow out of them quickly.

How tall was Byron Nelson?

Byron Nelson was 6 feet 1 inch tall. He was one of the most successful golfers of all time. He passed away in 2006.

How tall should your golf clubs be if you'm 5'3 and a half?

You should get custom fit because height is not the only factor. You may need an inch or so taken off standard.

How tall was Ben Hogan?

Ben Hogan was a diminutive 5 feet 9 inches tall. He came back from a terrible car accident in the 1950s to become one the most successful golfers ever.

When buying a golf club, is the height of the player a factor?

Golf clubs must "fit" the player so the height of the player is very important because the clubs cannot be too short or too tall. If the clubs are too tall or short for the height of the player he won't be able to swing properly and play the game optimally.

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