Are custom golf clubs necessary for a woman over 6' tall?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Yes, if you are taking Golf fairly seriously then you should have the right golf clubs and also to find out if you are right/left handed. Example: My husband is 6' 6" tall and although right-handed in everything he does he golfs much better left-handed. He has also bought golf clubs that suit his height.

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Q: Are custom golf clubs necessary for a woman over 6' tall?
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Are custom golf clubs necessary for a short woman?

Having your clubs custom fitted by a professional club maker will almost always improve anyone's game. However, in the case of shorter folks, the advantages of custom golf clubs become even greater. "Off the rack" clubs generally fail to address any off the unique swing characteristics of shorter women. Chiefly, a) slower club head speed which requires greater flexibility in the shaft, b) proper lie angle of the club face - a "flatter" lie is required than standard due to club length being shorter, c) club length - off the rack clubs rarely provide a short enough shaft to given a proper

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