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Q: Is it scary jumping off te high dive?
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How fast do swimmers dive off the block?

when you dive off a block, it should not be more than 2 seconds. when you dive, you must dive through your legs, like jumping off of it.

Andrea was afraid to dive off the high board and she knew she would do a belly flop?

Andrea was afraid to dive off the high board and she knew she would do a belly flop/

Which unit of time (seconds minutes or hours) would be the most logical measure for estimating the length of a normal school day the time between jumping off a high dive and hitting the water and the?

Hours Seconds and the ...

Can you dive over the bar in high jump?

no you cant dive over! it is feet first. Yes, You may dive over the bar, but only if you go off of one foot. The only restriction in the high jump is that you must leave the ground on one foot.

Why would jumping off a roof be ironic?

hmmm well lets think about this: 1. Why are you jumping off the roof in the first place? 2. How high up is the roof? 3. Why are you so stupid? 4. Seriously? Your jumping off a building? Someone has a lot of free time!

What is jumping off a high board called?

A high board is a diving board used in the sport of swimming.

If you're pregnant should you go to the deep end of a swimming pool?

No reason not too. I am not sure I would dive off the high dive and do a belly flop, but swimming is good for you.

When was The Jumping-Off Place created?

The Jumping-Off Place was created in 1929.

What is jumping a ship?

That means literally jumping off a ship.

Has anyone survived jumping off the golden gate bridge?

This one high school got dared to jump off so he did and he survived is alot of injuries

What is the abstract noun for dive?

Dive is a noun (dive, dives):a low class drinking establishment (We went into a real dive for drinks after the game)a jump from a diving board (His final dive was a back flip.)the pretense of losing a boxing match (He took a dive in the fifth round.)an aeroplane procedure ( The fighter plane made a low dive over the troops.)an underwater or scuba expedition (Our next adventure will be a dive to see the Titanic)Dive is also a verb (dive, dives, diving, dived, dove):Jumping into water (We dive off the cliff into the bay.)Submerging on a submarine (Dive to 180 meters now!)

Is bungee jumping at the macau tower scary?

Seriously? Well what do you think? you jump off of a tower that's 764 ft high- over concrete!, with nothing but a wrist thick bundle of rubber bands tied to your ankles to stop you from plowing into the ground like a bug into a windshield. I've made several hundred bungee jumps but never had the opportunity to jump off anything quite that high yet. But I would jump at the chance!-No pun intended! But every single jump is scary- from the first one, only 100 ft high over water-it was terryifying, to my last jump that I made-although only 250 ft high it was my-well not sure I've lost track- but my several hundredth jump and it too, was "scary"- they all are. Sure they get easier to do and less scary, but it never goes away! There is always fear- other wise why do it? that's the whole reason for doing it. But I would have to say that to jump off the tower at Macau-for your first jump would be very very "scary"- although EXTREMELY HORRIFYING would probably be a more accurate description!