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No reason not too. I am not sure I would dive off the high dive and do a belly flop, but swimming is good for you.

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Q: If you're pregnant should you go to the deep end of a swimming pool?
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How deep is the swimming pool at the Olympics?

12 feet deep!

How deep is a 14x48 swimming pool? deep would you like it to be?

How many gallons in a 12foot x 4foot deep swimming pool?

4320 Gallons should be about right.

How deep is the swimming pool in the Beijing Water Cube?

The swimming pool in Beijing Water cube is 13 metres deep

How deep are most swimming pools?

Most swimming pools are between 4 and 10 feet deep. The World's Deepest Pool, though is 108 feet deep.

Are pregnant women allowed at the deep end of the swimming pool?

Yes, its perfectly safe for a pregnant women to be at the deep end of the pool. no,it isn't because you never kno what might happen she might drown when birth comes in the she dies and so does her baby so no its not safe or allowed

How deep was the swimming pool on the titanic?


What do math and swimming have in common?

Both mathematics and swimming have a deep end which is not for the uninitiated. In the shallows, both mathematics and swimming are easy.

How deep are the olympic swimming pools?

2.0 meters

What are the dimensions for a sport or game residential swimming pool?

A sport or game-residential swimming pool should be a minimum of 36-inches deep with a maximum or 4 or 5-foot deep. There is no specific shape or design, and it can be built to conform to your specific lot size and shape.

How shallow a pool can you jump into?

If you want to jump and/or dive into a swimming pool, the water level should be atleast 5 feet deep!

Were there a swimming pool on the titanic ship?

Yes, there was a 6ft deep swimming pool for the first class passengers.

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