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I would say that it wouldn't be terrible to eat Pizza before a meet because if you think of it, it has a loooot of carbs in it like spaghetti...I'm not sure about the cheese but if you had to you could always just take it off and eat it without it. What is recommended before a track meet is a lot of carbs and you can get that from spaghetti, bagels, stuff like that. before the meet you should also eat something with a lot of potassium like a banana because it helps you cramp less...hope this helped! :)

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Q: Is it ok if you eat pizza before a track meet?
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BEFORE A TRACK MEET EAT HEALTHY! Remember to eat from all food groups (if your a vegetarian eat nuts instead). Don't eat less than two hours before your event, or you'll get cramps. Milk products give you cramps so don't eat/drink that less than 2 and a half hours before an event. Fruit and vitamin C is also good to eat/drink!

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