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It is a push. See you push it forward with the tennis racket, making it go forward, away from you. When you pull something, you're bringing it toward yourself. But when you hit a tennis ball, you push the ball away from you.

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Q: Is hitting a tennis ball a push or pull?
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Why placing a dented table tennis ball in boiling water is one way to remove the dent in the ball?

The heat will cause the air inside the table-tennis ball (ping pong ball) to expand and so push the dint out.

Why is a tennis ball bouncy?

Under the fuzzy exterior of a tennis ball is a rubber "shell". Rubber has a natural bouncy quality, but it's the compressed air inside the rubber shell that gives it that extra bounce. If you ever heat up a screwdriver and push it through the tennis ball, you should hear the air hissing out, or whooshing out in some circumstances. Hope this helped, Chris

Why moaning in tennis?

In tennis they teach you to breathe when you hit, im not sure why.. but yeah, so when the racquet and ball meet you breathe out. and most people who breathe, eventually push that breathing into a moan, or a yelp.

Is push up a push or pull?

It is a push and a pull. When you move your body towards the ground, it is a pull. A pull as in a pull to the ground. It is a push when you are moving away from the ground.

Is force a push or a pull?

Force can be either a push or a pull. When you push a door open or pull a rope, you are applying a force in that direction.

What is a push pull?

what is a pull-push rule

What is hitting in volleyball?

hitting is when you dont volley properply for example its called lifting or hitting use your finger tips and DO NOT USE YOUR PALMS push the ball of from your finger tips hitting also counts in when your not doing any of the requirments (eg. spikeing,bumping,volleying, serveing etc.) happy to help -Justat1girl

How do you get cannon ball into mini elevator on vampires curse island?

there is a stick beside the fire click it and it will push the cannon ball walk with it to the elevator then pull the trigger!

How you push and pull on habbo?

Just Say :pull x/:push x (then click the user that u want to pull/push) or The Other Way To Pull/Push -> :pull (name of user)/:push (name of user)-Jerome

How does air temperature effect the bounce of a tennis ball?

there is air inside a tennis ball. when it is hot, the air inside the ball is hot, and thus is excited. when the gas is excited it bounces around more inside the ball and causes it to be harder. when it is colder the gas is less excited so the ball feels softer. When you bounce a tennis ball on a hot day the ball is harder feeling and is essentially more elastic. this causes the ball to bounce higher. when it is colder the ball is less elastic and will not bounce up very high at all. think about the moment the ball hits the ground. if you threw it super hard the ball would momentarily get dented in. now if its hot the gas is excited and moving around a lot so it will push the dented in ball back out to its original shape very fast, where as if it is cold it will not push it back out as fast or hard so it will not bounce as high.

Is force is a push or a pull?

Force can be both a push or a pull

Is force a push or pull?

A force can be either a push or a pull.