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Type your answer here..yes Andy Murray is still playing tennis

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Q: Is Andy Murray still playing tennis?
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How many matches has Andy Murray played?

he started playing tennis at the age of 5

What does Andy Murray like?


What religion is Andy Murray tennis player?

There is no accurate recorded evidence of what Andy Murray's religion is.

Who is more famous Andy Murray or Garfield?

Andy Murray. That might just be because I like tennis!

Did Andy Murray play tennis in the Commonwealth Games?

Andy Murray did not participate in the 2010 Commonwealth Games program.

In tennis who is world number 4 in mens tennis?

At the moment Andy Murray.

Who has Andy Murray beaten in tennis?

roger federer

Who is british no1 tennis player?

Andy Murray

Is Andy Murray in virtua tennis 3?

yes he is.

Who represents Britain in tennis?

in the open: Andy Murray

Who is a tennis player in the 2012 olmipics?

Andy murray

In Tennis who has won the most times?

Andy Murray