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in the open: Andy Murray

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Q: Who represents Britain in tennis?
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Where was tennis created?

Tennis was created in Great Britain!

What organizations represents men's professional tennis and womens professional tennis?

Men's tennis organisation: ATP Women's tennis organisation: WTA

When did tennis come to Britain?

About 1457

Famous sport in Britain?


What sport did Britain bring to the Olympics?


What country was table tennis founded?


What animal represents Great Britain?

the lion

What country is table tennis from?

Britain during the 1880s

What country does tennis player Roger Federer represent?

he represents Switzerland

What country Maria Sharapova play tennis for?

She plays for and represents Russia.

What sport did great Britain introduce to the 2012 Olympics?


Who was a great Britain table tennis player?

chester barns

What country did table tennis start?

Britain, Cropford to be exact.

How long has tennis been a sport?

Modern tennis was adopted in the 1800s in Great Britain. However, the first tennis may have originated in France in the 1100s.

Who does kelly Holmes represent?

Kelly Holmes represents Britain

What animal represents Britain on Canada's coat of arms?


Who is great Britain's number 1 tennis player?

Andy Murray

Which country has won the most olympic medals in tennis?

Great Britain

What sports do they have in Great Britain?

Rugby, Cricket, Soccer (Football) and Tennis

What represents Britain?

Britain itself (England); Ireland (though they don't want to admit it); Scotland; and Wales.

Who is the most popular women tennis player for great Britain?

There are not many notable tennis players from Great Britain, especially on the women's side. But the most popular, in my opinion, has to be Dorothea Douglass Chambers.

How many medals has Great Britain earned in tennis Olympics?

47 Medals

Who does mr pilkington in Animal Farm represent?

No one, but Foxwood represents England/ Great Britain and Pinchfield represents Germany.

Fourth of July represents independence from whom?

American independence from Great Britain

Which country invented table tennis?

The game originated as a sport in Britain during the 1800s.