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yes he is.

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Q: Is Andy Murray in virtua tennis 3?
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When was Virtua tennis first released?

Virtua Tennis was first released by Sega AM-3 in 1999. The latest version, released in 2012, was called Virtua Tennis Challenge. It was designed to work on the Android and iOS platforms.

What tennis Wii games are there?

Mario Tennis, Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis 2009, Top Spin 3

Are there cheats for virtua tennis 3 for psp?

Yes. Go to the website located in the related links section below and type in virtua tennis 3. Then find the one for PSP and click codes on the right.

Where is game mode in virtua tennis 3?

Game Mode is the main menu

Which tennis game is better Virtua tennis 2009 or Top Spin 3?

Vitua Tennis is heaps better because topspin 3 is played in slow motion and Virtua is a fast action packed game.Virtua tennis is more realistic and its got better game modes

Who won the mens title at the Wimbledon tennis tornarment this year?

Roger Federer beat Andy murray by 3 sets to 1.

How you do hard hitter in virtua tennis 3?

Strokes: 35 Serve: 27 Volley: 29 Footwork 29

What is the king of players mode in virtua tennis 3?

It is a tournament that you can only join after beeing a top 16 player in a ship.

In virtua tennis 3 when can you enter the king of kings tournament?

no ssuch thing. there is a king of players tournament. did u mean that

Who are the top 5 tennis players in the world?

Men: 1. Novak Djokovic 2. Rafael Nadal 3. Roger Federer 4. Andy Murray 5. Soderling

Who are the top five tennis players in the world?

1) Novak Djokovic 2 Rafael Nadal 3) Roger Federer 4) Andy Murray 5) David Ferrer

How many grand slam titles has Andy Murray won?

Andy Murray won 3 grand slam titles - Wimbledon in 2013 & 2016; U.S. Open in 2012.

Who are the top 7 males in tennis?

1: Roger Federer 2: used to be nadal now Novak Djokovic 3: Rafael Nadal 4: Andy Murray 5: Juan-Martin Del Potro 6: Andy Roddick 7: Nikolay Davydenko

What are the ratings and certificates for Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996 VG?

Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

What actors and actresses appeared in Virtua Cop 3 - 2003?

The cast of Virtua Cop 3 - 2003 includes: Kevin Miller as James

Has Andy Murray ever won a Grand Slam?

No, Andy Murray has never won a Grand Slam. He has reached the finals at 3 Grand Slams. The 2008 US Open, and the 2010 and 2011 Australian Open finals.

When virtua tennis 2009 come out?

For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it came out May 28, 2009. For Wii, it came out June 2 of the same year. For PC it came out July 3 also in 2009.

How do you Play PS3's Virtua Tennis 3?

The 'X' Button is used for a normal shot The triangle button is used for a lobbed shot The circle is used for a slice so is square.

Can virtua tennis 3 for PC play in 2 players what is gamepad is that a keyboard 2 keyboards needed?

1 key board is enough if u want to play one player

Where you can download free virtua cop 3 game?


What actors and actresses appeared in Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996?

The cast of Virtua Fighter 3 - 1996 includes: Jonathan Frappier as Leon Rafale (2000) Tony Schnur as Akira

Who did Andy Murray beat in the 2012 US Open tennis final?

Murray won the US Open final in 2012 by beating Serbia's Novak Djokovic, the current world number 1, in five sets, the final score reading 7-6 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2.

Tennis player's name with their place?

1. nadal 2.federer 3.djockovic 4.Murray that's all of wat i no

What is name of tennis player known for its speed and ability?

Well theres two in the current game I can think of Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.Nadal's speed on a clay court is simply amazing he reaches to every ball and has also won six grand slams.Meanwhile Andy Murray has got a really good speed on the Hard-court Surfaces. HAsnt won a slam yet but has beaten Federer (Arguably the greatest player of all time) many times. The head to head between Murray and Federe is 6-3 in Murray's favor. He is tipped to win a grand slam in the future.

Top 10 ATP tennis rank holders?

1. Roger Federer 2. Rafael Nadal 3. Andy Murray 4. Novak Djokovic 5. Andy Roddick 6. Juan Martin Del Potro 7. Jo Wilfried Tsonga 8. Nikolay Davydenko 9. Gilles Simon 10. Fernando Verdasco