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Both service boxes are used, but in a slightly different order than normal play. The player whose turn it would usually be to serve gets to serve first; he serves one point from the deuce court. After this, the players switch boxes and starting with the serving player's opponent, each player gets to serve two points in a row. The players switch service boxes after each point, just as in a regular game. They also must switch sides of the court every six total points (e.g., if the score is 4-2, the players must switch sides).

Tiebreakers are scored numerically: 1, 2, 3, etc., not"15," "30," "40."

Set tiebreakers (that is, tiebreakers played to determine the winner of a 6-6 set) are usually played first to 7 points by a margin of two; if the score should turn out to be 7-6 in a tiebreaker, the players must continue playing until one is ahead by two points (8-6, 12-10, and 24-22 are all valid ending tiebreak scores).

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Q: In tennis during a tiebreaker which box is served to?
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