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Some special rules made in tennis is that if the ball bounces on your box you will be out.

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Q: What special rules are in tennis?
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What level of fitness do you require if you are a referee in tennis?

Nothing physically special, except good eye sight and a very good knowledge of the rules of tennis.

How many table tennis rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

Are bat tennis and tennis rules the same?


What are the rules and regulations on tennis?

There are so many rules in the Tennis if you want to learn that rules in a simply way follow that link there's a understandable article about tennis rules thank you.

What are the rules of table tennis in the Olympics?

The rules of table tennis used for the Olympic Games are the same as the table tennis rules used for all the other top International table tennis events. There are 15 basic rules plus many additional regulations.

What are the basic rules to tennis for high school students?

it is the same as the normal offical tennis rules.

What are the rules of table tennis?

You can find the rules for table tennis best by going to the website. Click on "Rules" on the menu bar.

What are the rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics?

The rules and regulations for table tennis in Olympics are the same as for other major table tennis tournaments.

The rules of the game tennis?

There are some rules in Tennis game. You can learn those Rules by following below link, there is a understandable and simple article about tennis rules that you can learn easily thank you.

What are the rules of tournament referee in a table tennis game?

In competition table tennis, there is no such thing as "rules of tournament referee". However, you can go to the website and research official rules of table tennis.

What are the rules and regulations of tennis?

For the most current listing of rules and regulations for the sport of tennis, refer to the United States Tennis Association link, below.

When were the first official rules of table tennis written?

The International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926 and they produced the first official rules of table tennis.

Where can you find rules about tennis?

There are so many rules to tennis that you definitely won't be able to memorize them all. Plus, people constantly debate about certain rules because they have learned the rule incorrectly. You can find rules about tennis from a wide variety of sources. You can check out the rules online from the International Tennis Federation. Check out their website at You can find out the ins and outs for every rule in tennis. This can be very helpful especially if you play in tennis leagues. Tennis league players can be very competitive and will be concerned that they are following each rule to a tee. You can also consult a local tennis club and/or tennis pro for help on rules. It is great to speak with a live person because they will explain the rules if you don't understand them. Sometimes you think you understand the rule correctly when in fact you don't! Also read "Tennis" magazine. They usually have a section that goes over tennis rules that are commonly debated among tennis players.

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

What are the rules of tennis?

Check on the web at the International Tennis Federation site.

What are rules of the tennis?

Check on the web at the International Tennis Federation site.

What is more popular tennis or golf?

Tennis! More people know the rules of tennis than they do golf!

Are there any rules in the French Open?

Yes The normal rules of tennis.

What rules is the answer for can you lose a game in ping pong if it's the last point?

The last point in table tennis (ping pong) is exactly the same as all other points. There are no special rules relating to the last point.

How many rules are there in tennis?

A lot

What are the rules and regulations for table tennis?

The official table tennis rules are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations which are designed to cover any eventuality which may arise during a game. These rules are reviewed annually by the International Table Tennis Federation. There are far too many to list them all here.

What are the basic rules of tennis?

If the tennis ball goes out of the court it is a point to the other person if the ball hits the net it is also a point to the other person these are the main rules of tennis. There is a site with the bbc that carries many opf the rules and socring systems to help people understand the game. //

Who sees that the rules are obeyed in tennis?

the referee....

What are the rules to table tennis?

to play the game

What happens when the rules are broken in tennis?

you get discolified