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Q: How many times a French cyclist has won the Tour de France?
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Which country won 36 times le tour de France?

The Tour de France has been won 36 times by cyclist from France.

Who was the first cyclist to win the Tour de France 5 times?

Hinault won the Tour de France 5 times between 1978 and 1985Miguel Indurain won five times in a row; he won 1991 to 1995.Lance Armstrong won seven times, in a row too. But was stripped of his titles due to doping

Did anyone from UK ever one the tour France?

As of the 2008 Tour de France, no British cyclist has ever won the Tour. One British cyclist, Robert Millar, was King of the Mountains in 1984.

In what years were the victories of Tour de France?

One cyclist wins the Tour de France every year.

Cyclist was stripped of the 2006 tour de France for doping?

Floyd landis

Who was the British cyclist who crashed out of the Tour de France after 92 seconds?

Chris Boardman

Who won the Tour De France in 1938?

The race was won by Italian cyclist Gino Bartali.

Who won the Tour De France in 1933?

Georges Speicher (Paris, June 8, 1907 - Maisons-Laffitte, January 24, 1978) was a French cyclist who won the 1933 Tour de France along with three stage wins, and the 1933 World Cycling Championship.

Who is the youngest rider in the tour De France at the moment?

Bernard Hinault was the last French cyclist to win the Tour de France. He won a total of 5 Tour de Frances, the last one being in 1985.

Who is Greg Lemond?

He is a retired American cyclist. He was also the first American to win the Tour De France.

What New Zealand cyclist rode into a ditch on a breakaway in the Tour de France?

Julian dean i think

Who won the Tour De France in 1957?

Jacques Anquetil (8 January 1934-18 November 1987), was a French road racing cyclist and the first cyclist to win the Tour de France five times, in 1957 and from 1961 to 1964. He stated before the 1961 Tour that he would gain the yellow jersey on day one and wear it all through the tour, a tall order with two previous winners in the field - Charly Gaul and Federico Bahamontes - but he did just that. His victories in stage races such as the Tour were built on an exceptional ability to ride alone against the clock in individual time trial stages.