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As of the 2008 Tour de France, no British cyclist has ever won the Tour. One British cyclist, Robert Millar, was King of the Mountains in 1984.

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Q: Did anyone from UK ever one the tour France?
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In what years were the victories of Tour de France?

One cyclist wins the Tour de France every year.

Tour de France is what type of raceAnswer with one word ONLY?

tour de France is a road bicycle race

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There is no official rainbow jersey in le tour de france. If you've seen one, it was probably a team jersey with that design.

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six titles at the tour de france.

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One,Stephen Roche

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Who is the youngest rider in the tour De France at the moment?

Bernard Hinault was the last French cyclist to win the Tour de France. He won a total of 5 Tour de Frances, the last one being in 1985.

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No! It's a one day race, totally different to the Tour de France. its one of the 5 one day monuments of cycling (the others being Milan - San Remo, Tour of Flanders, lLege - Bastogne - Liege and the tour of Lombardy). Its also one of the spring classics. These races favour totally different cyclists to the grand tours, to the extent that grand tour contenders may not race in the classics.