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Floyd landis

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Q: Cyclist was stripped of the 2006 tour de France for doping?
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Who won tour de france 1999-2006?

Lance Armstrong, bu he has been stripped of his titles due to doping.

Why is Floyd Landis a Controversial Cyclist?

Floyd Landis is one of the most controversial cyclists in recent history, for much the same reason as there is any controversy in any bicycle race--illegal use of performance enhancing drugs.The reason why this case is so substantial is because he was indited for doping after he had won the 2006 Tour de France, the most prestigious cycling race in the world. He was stripped of his title and 2nd place cyclist Oscar Pereiro became the new 2006 Tour de France winner.

What american won the tour de france in 2006 but later it was taken away for doping?

Floyd Landis

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How many tour de France winners have been disqualified for drug testing?

Two. Alberto Contador (2010) and Floyd Landis (2006) Other winners have been found guilty but have not had their wins stripped.

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Who won the 2006 Tour de France?

Winner of Tour 2006Floyd Landis of the USA wore the yellow jersey into Paris, but after testing positive for testosterone use, he was stripped of his win and it was awarded to the second place finisher, Oscar Pereiro.

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