How do you spell badmitton?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Badminton. It's in the name of the category you put this question in.

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Q: How do you spell badmitton?
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What sport did London add?


What sport played wiht shuttlcock?


What sport do you use a bird in?

You use a birdee in badmitton.

What is Richard Nixon's favorite sport?

cricket and badmitton

What is Richard Nixon's two favorite sports?

cricket and badmitton

What is the ball used in badmitton named?

I know it sounds funny, but it is called a shuttlecock!

In which sport was the fastest unaided speed of 248 km per hour recorded?


Do any games use racquets other than tennis and badmitton?

Yes, Raquet Ball

Why is it called a birdie in badmitton?

Just on top of my head, because the shuttle cock is made from feathers of birds.

What sport is usually played in England?

* Soccer * Rugby * Darts * Crew * Tennis * Boxing * Badmitton just to name a few.

What are all the games that people play in the US that don't involve ice?

football, basketball, baseball, tennis, cycling, badmitton, volleyball,

Is volleyball more dangerous than badminton?

Yes. Volleyball players tend to run into each other when going for the ball. With badmitton, that's not possible.