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I know it sounds funny, but it is called a shuttlecock!

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Q: What is the ball used in badmitton named?
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What toys start with the letter b?

Ball, badmitton, bear, bakugan

Do any games use racquets other than tennis and badmitton?

Yes, Raquet Ball

Is volleyball more dangerous than badminton?

Yes. Volleyball players tend to run into each other when going for the ball. With badmitton, that's not possible.

What sport did London add?


What sport played wiht shuttlcock?


What are the sports that you use a raquet for?

Tennis, badmitton.

What is the name of the ball used in the final game FIFA 2010?

The ball used for the final match between the Netherlands and Spain was named the Adidas Jo'bulani.

What sport do you use a bird in?

You use a birdee in badmitton.

What is Richard Nixon's favorite sport?

cricket and badmitton

What the other name of badminton?

The other name for Badmitton is Birdy

What is Richard Nixon's two favorite sports?

cricket and badmitton

Why was the soccer ball named 'soccer ball'?

they are balls and they named after the game and that's how it got soccerball

How do you spell badmitton?

Badminton. It's in the name of the category you put this question in.

Why was baseball called stool ball poison ball and goal ball?

I can't speak for poison ball and goal ball, but stool ball was named for the milkmaid's stool originally used in the game as a sort of home base. The pitcher, or bowler, would throw the ball and try to hit the stool, while the batter would try to hit the ball away from the stool.

In which sport was the fastest unaided speed of 248 km per hour recorded?


What was Lucille Ball's father named?

His name was Henry Durell Ball.

What ball was used in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

The ball used for all matches (excluding the championship game) was named the Jabulani, created by Adidas.The final match between the Netherlands and Spain utilized the Jo'bulani, a ball also manufactured by Adidas.

How was basketball named?

There was a basket...and a ball...and they tried getting the ball IN the basket...hence basketball

What is a super ball?

A Super Ball is the same as a Great Ball, the name of Super Ball is just the translated Japanese name of the English named Great Ball.

Who made Dragon Ball?

The man who made Dragon Ball is named Akira Toriyama.

What is the match ball for fifa world cup 2010 finals named as?

The ball is called a Jabulani ball, it is a Zulu word.

Why is it called a birdie in badmitton?

Just on top of my head, because the shuttle cock is made from feathers of birds.

Is there a reindeer named fire ball?

No, there isn't.

Who invented tetherball?

who invented the tether ball you ask? The person who invented the tether ball is named Timothy O'Brien.

Was Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's daughter named Lucy?

No, they named her Lucie, a French variant.