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The PGA Tour rookie Eric Booker's round of Golf ended much better than it started.

After five holes at the Woodlands, Tex., Booker was one over par and wondering where his next shot might go when he made a startling turnaround with an eagle and a hole-in-one on consecutive holes, shooting a six-under-par 66 for a one-shot lead in the $2.5 million Shell Houston Open

It's been done 3 times at the Masters tournament. Dan Pohl in 1982, Dustin Johnson in 2009, and Phil Mickelson in 2010. Mickleson missed a third consecutive eagle by 6 inches.

In 1997 during the last round of "The Masters of New Caledonia" at Tina golf course, Noumea, the french European Tour player Michel Besanceney made 3 consecutives eagles on holes 14 par 5, 15 par 4, 16 Par 5 to shot a final score of 64. Despite this new course record, he lost the tournament in a play-off against Thomas Levet

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Yes, hundreds of golfers have recorded these. They are also known as albatrosses. They are very rare but you would occasionally see one on tv, some players have even had a hold in one on a par 4, which is a double eagle.

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Technically the "lowest" score on a given hole. 3 under par for a hole.

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Q: Did any golfer score eagle - eagle on consecutive golf holes?
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Although Phil almost did it yesterday, no golfer has ever accomplished this in professional play.

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Tiger Woods

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What is a score of three on a par five?

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If you score 3 on a par 5 hole in golf you have made a?