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Q: Did anyone ever score an eagle then a hole in one in consecutive holes in a pro tournament?
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How many holes are played in a championship golf tournament?

Generally 72 - eighteen holes a day for four consecutive days.

Did any golfer score eagle - eagle on consecutive golf holes?

The PGA Tour rookie Eric Booker's round of golf ended much better than it started.After five holes at the Woodlands, Tex., Booker was one over par and wondering where his next shot might go when he made a startling turnaround with an eagle and a hole-in-one on consecutive holes, shooting a six-under-par 66 for a one-shot lead in the $2.5 million Shell Houston OpenIt's been done 3 times at the Masters tournament. Dan Pohl in 1982, Dustin Johnson in 2009, and Phil Mickelson in 2010. Mickleson missed a third consecutive eagle by 6 inches.In 1997 during the last round of "The Masters of New Caledonia" at Tina golf course, Noumea, the french European Tour player Michel Besanceney made 3 consecutives eagles on holes 14 par 5, 15 par 4, 16 Par 5 to shot a final score of 64. Despite this new course record, he lost the tournament in a play-off against Thomas Levet

Number of holes in a PGA tournament?

There are 72 holes in a normal PGA Tour Tournament. 18 holes are played each day for Thursday through Sunday.

Did Arnold Palmer have 2 holes in one on consecutive days in a senior tournament?

Yes.September 2-3, 1986, during the Chrysler Cup Pro-Am at the TPC at Avenel in Potomac, Maryland.

How many holes are normally played in a golf tournament over the whole tournament?

72, 4 rounds of 18.

William played 36 holes of golf in a tournament in 2 days On Saturday he played 14 holes How many holes did he play on Sunday?


What is the penalty in golf if you play holes out of sequence?

Unless specified by the tournament committee, playing the holes in the incorrect sequence will result in disqualification.

Who is the main character in Eagle Eye and Holes?

Shia LaBeouf

What is the most consecutive holes a pro golfer has played without making a bogey?


How long is a Golf tournament?

Thursday- Sunday, 4 days, 18 holes per day.

What team holes the record for the most consecutive playoff series victories?

the Montreal Weiner schnitzels

Has anyone ever had back to back hole in ones in golf?

Today, May 5, 2012, Matthew Padgett of Chesterfield Virginia had back to back holes- in-one #7 and #8 at The First Tee Chesterfield in North Chesterfield, Virginia. As far as I can tell, I've never heard of this being done before by the same person on consecutive holes. I did see the following article, but I think this happened with two consecutive shots on the same hole: