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Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl

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Q: Why is the Stanley cup important to Canada?
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Who was the founder of the Stanley Cup?

The founder of the Stanley Cup was Lord Stanley who was at the time was the Govener General of Canada

Are the Stanley cup and Stanley park both named after the same person?

Yes, the Stanley Cup was named after Fredrick Stanley (Lord Stanley of Preston). He bought the cup, and the (1,000 acre) Stanley Park in Canada, is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada.

Where can you see the Stanley cup?

You can see the Stanley Cup in the "Hockey Hall of Fame" in Toronto, Canada.

Who donated the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup was originally donated in 1893 as a challenge cup, for the amateur hockey championship of Canada, by Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston, at the time Governor General of Canada.

Who is sir Stanley of the nhl Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup is named after Frederick Arthur Lord Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby, not "Sir Stanley". He was Governor General of Canada from 1888 to 1893. He is best known for donating the Stanley Cup as a challenge cup to be awarded annually to the best amateur hockey team in Canada.

Where was the first Stanley cup playoff held?


How much do you get if you win the Stanley cup?

The keys to Canada.

How was the hockey Stanley cup named after?

The Stanley Cup was named after Frederick Arthur Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby, Governor General of Canada from 1888 - 1893, who donated it as a challenge Cup to be awarded annually to the best amateur hockey team in Canada.

Where and when did the Stanley cup began?

1893 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Has a team from every province in Canada won a Stanley cup?


When was the last year Canada won the Stanley cup?


Who was Lord Stanley?

"Lord Stanley" is sometimes used as a nickname for the Stanley Cup. However, Lord Stanley was Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston. He was appointed governor general of Canada in 1888 and served in that capacity until 1893. While in Canada his son became a hockey player and Lord Stanley grew fond of the game. He is best remembered for donating the Stanley Cup as a trophy for Canada's hockey champions and now is synonomous with the NHL champions. I suggest you Google the Stanley Cup and Lord Stanley for complete information.

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