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Obviously, J.C. Owens is the greatest athlete of all times in Olympic history.

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Q: Who was the greatest athlete at all times in Olympic history?
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How many times has laos won the Olympics?

No athlete from Laos has ever won an Olympic medal.

Who is all time great of decathalon commonwealth games?

Daley Thompson is the greatest decathlon athlete in Commonwealth Games history. He won the event three times: 1978, 1982 and 1986.

Was Babe Didrikson Zaharias a man?

No, Babe Didrikson was not a man. She is generally considered the greatest woman athlete of modern times.

Which countries have had most positive drug tests in olympic history?

china. 5163 times counted in 2012.

How many times did mj go to the Olympics?

Michael Jordan was an olympic athlete two times in his career, once when he was about to became a NBA player in 1984 and the other after the first of his 6 NBA championships in 1992.

How many times does an athlete breathe in and out in a day?

23000 times!

How many medals have Bosnia won in the Olympics?

They haven't won a single medal in Olympic history, appearing a total of 6 times.

Who was the first Jewish athlete?

Jews have been athletes since Biblical times. It is unknown who the first Jewish athlete was.

Average times for Olympic triathlons?

"40-45 minutes approx. (this is just a guess because my friend was in good shape and ran a 1:14.65" This sounds more like a sprint. For an Olympic triathlon, sub 3 hours is a really good time. ~2 hours is professional athlete level.

How many times has Canada hosted the Olympic?

3 times

Which athlete retired the most times?

Michael Jordan Brett Farve

How many times did Britain host the Olympic Games?

Three times.

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