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The United States has hosted the Summer Olympic games for four times.

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Q: How many times has the US hosted the summer Olympic games?
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How many times has Italy hosted the olympic games?

Italy has hosted the Olympic games three times in total. 1956 Winter Olympic Games: Cortina d' Ampezzo - Italy. 1960 Summer Olympic Games: Rome - Italy. 2006 Winter Oly,pic Games: Turin - Italy.

How many times has the Netherlands hosted the olympic games?

1 ... the 1928 Summer Olympics were held in Amsterdam.

How many times has Germany hosted the summer olympic games?

twice (Berlin 1936 and Munich 1972).

How many times have the olympic games been held in Finland?

The Olympic Games have been held in Finland only once. They hosted the Summer Olympics in 1952.

How many times has Beijing hosted the Olympic Games?

They have hosted the Games once, in 2008.

How many times has a Canadian city hosted the olympic games?

Three - Summer games in Montreal in 1976, Winter Games in Calgary in 1988, and the 2010 Winter games are scheduled to be hosted by Vancouver.

How many times has Australia hosted the Olympic Games?

Australia has twice hosted the summer games in 1956 (Melbourne) and 2000 (Sydney). The Winter Olympics have never been held in Australia.

How many times as Germany hosted the Olympic games?

2 times

How many times has Spain hosted the olympic games?

5 times

How many times India hosting Olympic games?

India never hosted olympic games.

How many times German city hosted the olympic games?

Germany has hosted the Olympic Games twice: Berlin in 1936 and Munich in 1972.

How many times has Portugal hosted the Olympics?

Portugal has never hosted the Olympic Games.

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