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Hutchinson (LW) For Coventry

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Q: Who scored a goal for the opposition and then scored for his own football team These were the only goals he scored for his team Can you name the player and the team he played for?
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In football what are the instances where own goal is not awarded even though the ball has gone into the nets?

The instances where an own goal is not awarded in football are: 1. When an opposition commits a foul just before the goal is scored. 2. When the goal is scored after the whistle has been blown.

Most points scored by a high school football player?

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What Illinois football player scored 8 TD in a game?

howard griffith

How many years has the longest pro football quarter back plaoyed?

Easy: that was George Blanda who played quarterback and kicker in college and in professional football. He has the record of the most seasons played at 26. George, at the time of his retirement, had scored more points than any other football player.

Which current football player has scored the most goals against Chelsea?

Javier Hernandez

Which English player has scored most goals in all football competitions?

Darren Huckerby

In the entire history of football which player has scored the most goals against Liverpool?


Which midfield player scored most football goals for England?

It could be David Beckham.

Which player scored a penalty against pat jennings with no football boots on?

Tony the Tiger

Which football player scored the most goals in Liverpool FC and who is the best player in Liverpool FC?

Q1:Which football player scored the most goals in Liverpool FC?A1: Gerrard (139 Goals)Q2: Who is the best player in the club?A2: Torres (77 Goals) But still the best.

Which football player scored there 100th premier league goal in 2000?

The goal was actually goal number 1000 , and it was scored by Les Ferdinand.

Points scored if player get a home run in one take in Base-football competition?