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Darren Huckerby

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Q: Which English player has scored most goals in all football competitions?
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Which football players have scored in 6 different competitions for the same club in one season?

Pedro, Barcelona

Which english football league player scored own goal with his first touch of the ball in 1930s?

Douglas mccrisp, for blyth spartans

Who scored the most penalties in English football?

Peter lorimer

How can a goal be scored in English football?

by kicking the ball in the goal!! the best and original type of football. american football is stupid

What is the most amount of goals scored in the English football league?


All time record for goals scored by one player in any English football division?

It is Alan Shearer for Blaclburn Rover and Newcastle United.

Who scored the most goals in English league football?

Arthur Rowley scored 434 goals in 619 gqame

How many English teams have scored 100 goals in European football?


How many English football teams have scored 100 goals in Europe?


How many goals has Owen scored for man united in all competitions?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United in all competitions

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in this seson in all competitions?

2010/11 season Wayne Rooney has scored 16 goals in all competitions.

Which English league football team scored most goals 1960-70?