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Javier Hernandez

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Q: Which current football player has scored the most goals against Chelsea?
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Is Frank Lampard a football player?

Yes, he is a soccer/football player. He plays in Chelsea FC.

Who was the first Chelsea football player?

ted drake

What is Rafael Benitez famous for?

Rafeal Benitez a former Spanish football player and current football manager. He is most famous for his time in the English football league with time spent at Liverpool in 2010 and Chelsea in 2013.

Who is the most paid player at Chelsea football club?


Have Chelsea football club ever played a game without an English player?

Chelsea fielded the 1st overseas line up against Southampton in 1999. They did have four English players on the bench though.

Which player has scored hattrick for and against Chelsea fc?


The name of the player to hattrick for and against Chelsea?

Gordon Davies

What player has scored hat tricks for and against Chelsea?


Is drogba a UFC fighter?

No, he is a football (soccer) player and plays for Chelsea F.C.

Who is cheryls ex husband?

Ashley ColeThe Chelsea (I think) football player

What is the topps total football sticker code for any Chelsea player?

N.Aneka - 5667

Who is best African football player of 2009-2010?

It has 6to be Dider Drogba of Chelsea.