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luke easter

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2012-06-21 09:21:38
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Q: Who is the all time minor league home run champion?
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How many time Barcelona take the championas league?

Barcelona has took the champion league 4 time. He is a soccer player.

When was the last time Barcelona won the champion league?

The 2010-11 season.

How do you get into Kanto when the cop is there?

You get there when you beat the champion and walk from victory road again to the johto league and beat the elite four and the champion for the second time

Has Chelsea fc ever not been in the champions league?

Chelsea have been to the champion league many a time, but sadly they have never won it.

How many time did man city win the champion league?

Zero Times Untill Now.

What are some of Babe Ruth's baseball accomplishments?

3rd all time in home runs 1923 A.L. MVP 7 time World Series champion Major League Baseball All-Century Team

Who was the Baseball's all-time home run champion?

barry bonds

How do they figure a players salary if he splits time between minor league and major league?

You sign a "split contract"

How many time arsenal won the league?

If you are asking of the champion league then they have not won it at all.But they did reach the final once in 2006, where they lost to Barcelona.

Who founded the Broncos?

Bob Howsom, who at the time was a minor league baseball owner.

Who is the champion in Pokemon Black?

The Champion in Pokemon Black and White is only after you have defeated N and Ghetsis For the final time. Then the second time you battle the Elite Four/Pokemon League, You will battle Champion Alder. All his Pokemon are Lv 75.

Who is the all time top scorer in UEFA Champion's league history?

Raúl Gonzalez with 71 goals.

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