Has Chelsea fc ever not been in the champions league?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Chelsea have been to the champion league many a time, but sadly they have never won it.

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Q: Has Chelsea fc ever not been in the champions league?
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when man utd beat Chelsea in the champions league final

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Olimpique Lyon is a french team. They haven't won the Champions League till now.

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Yes they won the champions league this year - Season 2011 - 2012.

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No , the Champions League knockout stage has never gone to penalties. It has gone to extra time though. This ^ isn't true, Chelsea V Liverpool and Arsenal V Roma have both gone to penalties to name just two.

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England have never won it. English clubs have won the Champions League/European Cup 12 times. From 1955 up until 1992, it was known as the European Cup and since then it has been the Champions League. Since it became known as the Champions League English clubs have won it 4 times.

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As the champions league final has ever been, this year it's gonna be a wonderful game, cause both teams will fight for any chance to get the title. As the host, Bayen Munich seems to have little bit more chance to win and also cause Bayen and Germany havnt win the CL since 2001, but Chelsea wont let this chance go to obtain its first title. Since 1992, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated the game, but also Bayren Munich won once and reached the final twice, while chelsea did once. List of the <a href="">UEFA Champions league winners</a>

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