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A.C. Milan have won the the champion league 7 times .second to Real Madrid with 9 titles.

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Q: Who many time did ac Milan won the campions league?
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How many time Milan lost a champion league final?

In the Champions League era, Milan were runners-up in 1993, 1995 and 2005. Pre-CL they also lost the final in 1958.

When was the last time milan won champions league?


Who have won the champions league the most time?

real Madrid then Ac milan

How many Champion League Cups did AC Milan win?

AC Milan has won 7 champions league trophies with there most recent win in Athens against Liverpool where they won the cup for the seventh time. The team that has won the champions league the most is Real Madrid who have won it 9 times but are utter crap.

When was the last time Liverpool lifted a champions league trophy?

2005, in that epic final against AC Milan.

How was Milan ruled in the shakespeare time?

From Madrid. Milan was at that time a possession of the Spanish crown.

Who has won champions league in 2005?

Liverpool won the Champion's league in 2005 - They beat AC milan in the final on penalties, after a 3-3 draw after 90 minutes. No goals were scored in extra time.

In last 200 meetings between Ac Milan and inter Milan how many times did Ac Milan has won and how many times did the Inter Milan?

All-time record: Matches: 171 | Inter wins: 61 | Milan wins: 58 | Draws: 52 | Inter goals: 247 | Milan goals: 234| A Cool Youtube Place to see videos of these (and other encounters, involving AC Milan), the link is listed below

What score was it in Champions League final 05?

It finished AC Milan 3 Liverpool 3, after extra time. Liverpool then won 3 - 2 on penalties.

Flight time from stansted to Milan?

The flight time from London Stansted Airport to Milan, Italy is about 1 to 1.5 hours.

Who has won the most uefa trophies?

Juventus,Inter Milan and Liverpool have all won the europa league the most times with 3 titles each.Real Madrid has won the champions league the most time with 9 titles.

What is the time difference from Atlanta to Milan Italy?

6 hours. 9 AM Atlanta, Georgia time (EST) = 3 PM Milan, Italy time.

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