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UCLA Then Duke at 2

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Q: Which division 1 basketball team has ranked number 1 for most weeks during season?
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Is Pitt basketball currently ranked?

Yes. Pitt basketball is really highly ranked. They are ranked number 1 in both the AP and Coaches' Poll.

What team is currently ranked number 16 in mens college basketball?

Michigan is ranked 16

What team is currently ranked number 2 in mens college basketball?

Michigan state is currently ranked number 2

Will the NCAA Final Four men's basketball teams be reseeded?

No, they all are still ranked as they originally seeded in their division.

What is the top ncaa men's basketball team in division 2?

NCAA division 2 men's basketball has a long history dating back to 1957. The 2014 champion was Central Missouri. The last rankings had Metro State ranked number 1. Kentucky Wesleyan has won the title 5 different times.

Who is the number one 2013 ranked college basketball player?

Andrew wiggins!

What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

What is the largest losses by number of points by a number one ranked team in NCAA basketball?

Kentucky defeated #1 ranked St. Johns by 41 points in 1951.

Has The University of Louisville Men's Basketball team ever defeated a number one ranked opponent?


Which college basketball team is highest ranking team to fall out of top 25?

This year is the Kentucky Wildcats who were ranked number 3 and now are not ranked in the top 25.

Who has home count throughout the NBA playoffs?

The number 1 ranked NBA seed not conference or division.

How long was illini ranked in basketball 2004-2005 season?

they were ranked number one all season until they lost to the North Carolina Tarheels in the NCAA men's championship