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Michigan is ranked 16

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Q: What team is currently ranked number 16 in mens college basketball?
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What team is currently ranked number 2 in mens college basketball?

Michigan state is currently ranked number 2

What team is currently ranked number 1 in mens college basketball?

The Tenneesee Volunteers are ranked number 1

What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

Is Pitt basketball currently ranked?

Yes. Pitt basketball is really highly ranked. They are ranked number 1 in both the AP and Coaches' Poll.

What team is ranked number one NCAA men's basketball?

In the NCAA men's college basketball rankings, Duke University is ranked first.

Who is the number one 2013 ranked college basketball player?

Andrew wiggins!

What college basketball teams were ranked number one for the entire season?


How are college basketball teams ranked?

They are ranked, By media, AP, and Coaches.

Who is number 25 in college basketball?

As of December 1, 2008 Kansas University was ranked #25 nationally.

What are the Maryland basketball teams?

The University of Maryland Terrapins are Maryland's only NCAA basketball team. The Terrapins are a men's college level basketball team, and are currently ranked among the top 25 teams nationwide.

Which college basketball team is highest ranking team to fall out of top 25?

This year is the Kentucky Wildcats who were ranked number 3 and now are not ranked in the top 25.

How many times has a college basketball team beat the same number one ranked team in the same season?


Who is currently ranked number one on the womens tennis association?

Victoria Azarenka is currently ranked number one 9/9/12.

Has Syracuse ever been ranked 1 in men's college basketball?


What game is ranked number 1 on FunOrb?

Currently it is Arcanists.

When was the University of Kentucky basketball team last ranked in the Top 25?

we are currently ranked #2 with a 17-0 record in our 2009-2010 season.

What is the number 1 ranked gymnastics college?


Where is Facebook ranked?

Currently in 2013 Facebook is ranked at number 2, behind This web site is ranked 20th on the listing.

Which college is number one in New York City?

Berkely College is ranked number 1

What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed

What men's college basketball team began and ended season ranked?

Lots of teams have done this.

Who is the current Number 1 ranked British badminton player?

Rajiv Ouseph, is currently number 1 ranked British badminton player

Number 1 ranked college in the us?

usc bby

Which team is ranked last in college basketball?

I would say probley N.J.I.T. New Jersey Tech

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Spain is currently number one ranked.