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In MLB, no one ... the closest is Barry Bonds who had 762 HRs and 514 SBs and 2935 hits.

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Q: What players have 3000 hits 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases?
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What baseball players have 3000 hits and 500 Stolen Bases?

1) Rickey Henderson - 3055 hits and 1406 stolen bases. 2) Lou Brock - 3023 hits and 938 stolen bases. 3) Ty Cobb - 4189 hits and 897 stolen bases. 4) Eddie Collins - 3315 hits and 741 stolen bases. 5) Honus Wagner - 3420 hits and 723 stolen bases. 6) Paul Molitor - 3319 hits and 504 stolen bases.

How many current major league baseball players have 2500 hits and 300 stolen bases?

Through games played on May 31, 2011, 4 ... 1) Derek Jeter of the Yankees with 2983 hits and 328 stolen bases. 2) Omar Vizquel of the White Sox with 2819 hits and 401 stolen bases. 3) Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees with 2726 hits and 304 stolen bases. 4) Johnny Damon of the Rays with 2626 hits and 391 stolen bases.

Who were the only two players in history with at least 3000 hits 250 homers 300 stolen bases and 1200 RBI?

Willie Mays and Derek Jeter were the only players in Major League Baseball history to achieve those statistics during their careers.

What baseball players have 3000 hits and 500 Stolen-bases?

1. Rickey Henderson 2. Lou Brock 3. Ty Cobb 4. Eddie Collins 5. Honus Wagner 6. Paul Molitor

How players have 3000 hits?


How many players have 3000 hits?


How many players have hit 3000 hits?

On June 9, 2011, Derek Jeter became the 28th member of the 3000 Hit Club.

How many players have 3000 hits and 600 home runs?

Only two -- Henry Aaron and Willie Mays.

How many players have 3000 hits and 600 home runs and 2000 rbis?

Two Henry Arron and Albert Pujols.

Who has hit 3000 hits?

the person how ha 3000 hits is your mom

Who are the baseball players who have 3000 hits but not more than 50 home runs?

There's only one in MLB and that was Eddie Collins who had 3315 base hits and 47 home runs.

If you get a hit and steal a base is it considered a double?

no ---------- Batting average and stolen bases are both statistical categories. If you get a hit, your total number of hits and your batting average go up. If you steal a base, your total number of stolen bases and your stolen base average go up. They're separate categories, and have no effect on each other.

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