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When there are runners at all the bases, first, second, and third, and the current batter hits a home run. This clears the bases driving in all the players as well as the batter for a total of 4 runs scored.

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Q: What is grandslam in baseball?
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What is a tennis grandslam?

There are 4 big tournaments in tennis and a bunch of smaller ones. These tournaments are known as SLAMS (Australian Open, Rolland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open). If you win all of them in a calendar year, you have completed the GRANDSLAM. Just like baseball is four runs.

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What do you have to hit the ball over to get four runs?


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Which tennis athlete has won the grandslam titles?

john mc enroe

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Andy Murray. But he wasn't the first U.K. player to win a Grandslam.

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France took the grandslam 2010

Who hit the infamous grandslam single?

who cares about tennis skateboarding is all the rage these days

Is a batter credited a grandslam in extra innings?

Yes and all four runs count

Who has won most tennis grandslam championship titles men?

ROGER FEDERER (Switzerland) 16Grandslams

Which female tennis player has won the most number of singles grandslam championship?

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Who was the last player to hit a grandslam in the all-star game?

Fred Lynn 1983 / Comiskey Park

When was albert pujols latest home run?

His latest home run was a grandslam. A few days ago.

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Nobody. The closest anyone has come is Mark Whiten, who hit a grand slam, two 3-run homers and a 2-run homer. Box:

Who defeated Steffi Graff in her debut in grandslam Australian Open 1983 Round 1?

By Liz Sayers from Australia.