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As of 2009, Derek Jeter has the most career postseason hits with 175.

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Q: What player has most postseason hits in mlb?
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Who has the second most hits in MLB postseason?

Bernie Williams is second on the career postseason hits list with 128.

Who is second in career hits for the MLB postseason?

As of 2009, Bernie Williams is second in career postseason hits with 128.

What MLB player has hit the the most postseason home runs in a career?

Babe Ruth

Who holds the record for the most postseason games in MLB?

Derek Jeter has the most career postseason games played with 138.

What records did David Freese break in the 2011 MLB Postseason?

Most RBIs in a single postseason, 21.

What MLB player has the most hits?

pete rose

What MLB pitcher has the most career postseason losses?

Tom Galvine

Which Major League Baseball player has played in the most postseason games and how many games it that?

As of the start of the 2007 postseason, Bernie Williams had played the most postseason games in MLB history with 121. However, Derek Jeter had played 119 games in the postseason and, barring injury, will pass Williams for the #1 spot if he plays 3 games in the 2007 postseason.

Who holds the MLB record for most postseason home runs?

Manny Ramirez

Which MLB player had the most hits in the 1990's?

Mark Grace

Which major league pitcher has the most hits in his batting career?

The player with at least half his MLB games at pitcher with the most hits was Tony Mullane with 661. The player who pitched at least once in MLB with the most hits was Ty Cobb.

What is the most strikeouts by a MLB hitter in a single postseason?

Alfonso Soriano holds the record for most strikeouts by a batter in a single postseason with 26 set in 2003.

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