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Tim lincecum

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Q: Mlb pitcher winning Cy Young back to back and not played in a postseason game?
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What position did Cy played in baseball?

Cy Young was a pitcher.

Cy Young-winning pitcher drabek?

Doug Drabek won the 1990 National League MVP Award.

Who was the mets most valuable player in 1969?

The Mets most valuable player for 1969 was their Cy Young Award winning pitcher Tom Seaver.

Who else besides Steve young has thrown six touchdons in a postseason game?

Michael Jordan

Was Cy Young a good pitcher?

Yes Cy Young was a very very very good pitcher.

Is Brittany Lincicome related to Tim Lincecum?

No, the professional golfer from the LPGA tour and the two-time Cy Young Award-winning pitcher for the San Francisco Giants are not related.

What pitcher have the Most wins baseball pitcher?

Cy Young 511

Who was the first Major League Baseball pitcher to win the Cy Young award and not play in the world series in the same season?

Don Drysdale of the 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees and Giants played in the 1962 World Series with the Yankees winning, 4 games to 3.

What was the winning percentage of baseball pitcher Whitey Ford?

New York Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford was one of the best New York Yankee pitchers and one of MLB's all time greats. He won the Cy Young Award in 1961 and he had an amazing winning percentage of .690. Tops for a modern league pitcher.As an aside, Whitey was known for his night clubbing with Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle.

What is the motto of Young Americans for Liberty?

The motto of Young Americans for Liberty is 'Winning on principle'.

Who was the Winning pitcher of first World Series game in 1903?

Deacon Phillippe of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates defeated the Boston Americans (now Red Sox) 7-3. The loser was Cy Young.

What is Vince Young winning percentage?

His record as a starter is presently 26-13, for a .663 winning percentage.

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