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The player with at least half his MLB games at pitcher with the most hits was Tony Mullane with 661. The player who pitched at least once in MLB with the most hits was Ty Cobb.

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Q: Which major league pitcher has the most hits in his batting career?
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Who has the second longest career by a major league pitcher?

Phil neckro

Who is the Major League Pitcher with the most career appearances?

Jesse Orosco

What is the best Major League batting average in a career?

The highest career batting average is .367, held by Ty Cobb.

What major league pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in their career?

Nolan Ryan with 5,714 career strikeouts.

What major league pitcher has the most career losses vs the padres?

Oral Hershiser

What major league pitcher has the most career wins?

cy young won 511 career games which is by far the most

Which major league catcher has the most hits in his batting career?

mike piazza

What is the lowest career batting average of any pitcher in MLB history?

.000 Some pitchers only play in one Major League game for their entire life, and go ofer.

How many player have career batting average over .300?

In the history of Major League Baseball as of 2009 there are 202 players with a career batting average of .300 or better.

Who holds the MLB record with a .367 batting average?

Ty Cobb batted .367 for his career. That is the highest career batting average in major league baseball history.

Who is Ned Garver?

Ned Garver (1925-2017) was a pitcher for several major league teams during his career from 1948 to 1961. He was the American League pitcher in the 1951 All-Star Game.

Which Major League Baseball player holds the record for career batting average in Major League Baseball history?

That is Ty Cobb who hit .366 (.3664) during a 24 year career from 1905-1928.

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